im eryne, english, im 22, 5'9", dark brown eyes and no hair.... none.... none at all... and i love it! i shaved my head when i was 18 and havent let it grow for more than 2 days before shaving it again xD im a lesbian loud and proud, coming around to the idea of being bi, but not sure if it counts coz i dont like boys, im not attracted to them at all, but i love trans girls, most of them are beautiful and far more feminine than lots of girls-born-girls lol. i love to drink, smoke and partake in some drugs. im arty farty, i love to draw. i looove tattoos and stretched piercings. my ideal girl is one who is funny, caring, mad as a hatter, isnt affraid to cry or be wrong, loves to have a lovely night infront of the tv just as much as going out n drinking, appearence: beautiful smile, eyes that could melt my heart, loves tattoos, has beautiful big lobes, stretched nostrils and a lip plug and loves to experiment with her hair.... i know its a bit specific but hey .even if you have atleast two of these qualities, your still in my profiterole vision. lol i ramble on and on as you can tell if you havent got bored with reading and gave up. i cant spell for shit most of the time either so dont judge and last but not least.....i love.... you!

14th April 2011


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